Saturday, 16 July 2011

Selskinn's sko - The best and warmest protection against cold weather.

Our sealskin boots are made from a stock of sealskin from Greenland. In Greenland there are approximately 2,500 hunters who supply the company to 70 reception centers along the coast. These centers send the seal skins to a tannery in Qaqortoq Sydgrønland.

They hunt in the traditional ways with sled dogs or small boats.

 The firm Great Greenland is working to maintain and further develop the Greenland whaling traditions, leather processing and design.

Sealskin from Greenland, caught by the Inuit, can be freely traded within the EU.

 Dale Shoes is pleased to contribute to the Greenland society have a sustainable future.

We only buy seal skin taken as a bi product from adult seals and that is only hunted by foot or from a boat.

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